Two is a breeze, but what about three?

They tend to say two is the perfect recipe when you are a parents. Why?

Well the recipe goes two parents, two laps, 2 sets of helping hands to two little busy bodies. I agree, when i had two it felt like it was just perfect.

This is until i had three…

Don’t get scared, i was just testing you! To me having three was just the same as having two. As your already juggling the demands and needs of one kid anyway. Once your third one comes its like a walk in the park, except your bags and car are fuller. (Laughs)

There are some amazing things that did happen though when I did get my third:
The older kids became independent.

Its not a bad thing. At times it might just be you and three of them, so teach them to start finding their Independence. There are only so many hands that can go around. Try making it a game, big brother/sister needs your help, will you please get mummy a nappy or the wipes? You will be surprised how quickly they learn they are able to do a lot on their own. Make sure you praise their efforts 🙂

You are never lonely

When your feeling bored, nothing to do. You have in house friends who just love your attention. Why not take advantage of that and have a Pyjama day or a movie date with the littlest people who love you the most. Best of all you don’t even have to dress up!

Being in control, and not loosing control.

You will loose control of every situation you have. Nothing will ever go as planned no matter how much you try to plan. This is great! You must think, is she mad? No i have a good reasoning behind it. Because it teaches you to break your own expectations and never be let down. Life is and never can be planned to the tee. So do not expect your life with kids to be planned either. Flaws and challenges is what makes life beautiful so embrace it!

I do not regret having three. It gives me something new to wake up to everyday, a new joke from my son, a little dance and song from my daughter, new words and expressions from my toddler and the best cuddles and hugs i could ask for every single day.

Here’s to my family of five!

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