Things I do when my kids are asleep

Lets face it. Sometimes we all wish that time would come quicker than it normally does. Ecspecially after a long day of crying, nagging, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning, lol. When our kids are asleep its like a little bit of freedom just do a few things for us. Here are some things I do when my kids are asleep:

Eat the chocolate & sweets

Most times they blame me, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them! I just blame their dad, when empty wrappers are found lying around😊

Throw away pointless toys

I have a bad habit of throwing out small, frustrating toys that pile up from the freaking sky! But it helps also keep the clutter out. Yay!

Have a relaxing bath

This is my only alone time when there is no one crying for me or asking me to play a game. Thou shalt not enter!

Be the tooth fairy

This will carry on as long as it can, my eldest is turning 8 and I love the thought that my kids’ imaginations can continue to flourish through this little white lie 😉

Delete the 101 tv show recordings

Many times, my playlist is full of Mr. Bean and Peppa Pig recordings. Then woops my finger just hits the delete button😉 Trust me they are not missed even by the kids. Plus, I need more space for EastEnders and Vikings recordings lol.

Spend time with my husband

Time is cherished when there are little ones running around but i have to make it a point to spend that quality time with my hubby. After all he was there before the kids!

Check on them before I sleep

Although they don’t realize the other things I do, this is the most important thing that I do hope they remember and love as they grow up. Fixing their blankets, kissing their foreheads and telling them I love them.

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