This friend of mine.

When you think of friendship, who comes to mind? A friend from school days, your work place or even a new friend who you could have just met.

A Friendship in this modern age is truly a gift to only a few. There are true and fake relationships in the world we live in now, where does your friendship stand? We all need that friend who know us and all our parts. Someone who will tell you ‘what the hell where you are thinking?’ when you buy that new leopard print outfit, even when your over there thinking it’s amazing.

This friend or friends know you better than you might even know yourself.

My best friend (won’t mention names but knows who she is) has seen me at my best and worst, when I have had the shittest days even when im looking like shit from those endless sleepless nights of the thing known as being a mother (lol).

But this is what a true friend does in those times lets you cry, swear and just lay there being miserable but she understands your pain like it is her own, and through it all will lift you back up and keep you strong. Loving you without any expectations.

True friends help you grow and learn to change for the better. I come from a friendship before kids and husbands and responsibilities to now having all these things and still having a best friend to call on even when I just need to laugh at something silly my kids have done or share something hilarious on Instagram with. We have shared memories and laughter and through all this have become sisters more than friends. A lady I truly cherish and pray for everyone to have.

This is for all the BFF’s out there. Keep being the rock you are for your friend; share the laughs and memories and hold the friendship you have close to your hearts. Life is full of obstacles and at the end of it all we need that one friend to share our craziness with to get us through it all.

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