Sex life tips in marriage

Your sex life in marriage does not have to get boring! And if it has, I’m here to inspire the spark in you once again. I think the older you become the more intimate your relationship should get because you are comfortable as a couple and know each other’s likes and dislikes things that make you hot and not.

If your excuse is ‘life’ gets in my way, no girl change that mindset today! Put it on your priority list and keep it there. To keep and maintain this you need to make sure that you keep your relationship as a couple strong.

Here are a few tips on keeping it fun in the bedroom:


Kiss in the morning before you or your spouse jump out of bed, or before the kids wake up. Kiss before you go to work, kiss through the phone, kiss when no one’s looking or when people are looking, kiss when you come home and kiss before you go to bed. The small moments shared are the most looked over gestures, but they mean a lot if you have had a bad day or you just want to show your partner you love and care for them.


On the good and bad. Talk about what you like and make it fun and easy, learn to laugh about an awkward moment that may have happened, just let the conversation flow. As woman we are more emotionally tuned to intimacy in sex than men, you hold the switch to your intimacy. So, if you like a little dirty talk or if you want a little more foreplay beforehand, speak out. If you cannot communicate regularly than this is when awkward feelings will start creeping up and you will start to dislike the thought of intimacy. Intimacy is a continuous discovery between couples so allow yourself to nurture it.


Plan secret dates, send flirty messages or try some flirty actions throughout the day. This builds up the anticipation of the meeting between the two of you. Don’t look at it as you must plan it so it is not going to be worth it. Rather look at it as you both want to spend the time together and plan to make it exciting.

Dress up and down

Getting a little adventurous never killed any sex life. Gosh if anything it probably spiced it up quite a bit. No one’s saying go all 50 Shades of Grey on us, but hell, if you want to try that out, go get it, girl!

Take it one step at a time. Buy a sexy piece of lingerie or try that new position you been wanting to for a while now. Maybe try out a wig and doll yourself up, you might even feel a bit empowered!

Now by dressing down I mean, do some lady scaping. Keep yourself neat and tidy and make sure you put on that perfume he likes and maybe that red lippy too. This goes both ways too so let your man know that you love that perfume he wears and the list of other things you would like him to do for you. (Communication!)

­Lastly, I want you to LOVE.

From nearly a decade together with my partner we have experienced many ups and downs in our lives, but we always loved. Love is a powerful tool and if you and your spouse can always remember that as we better accept our partner and understand their needs along with ours, the deeper the love will grow.

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