Fashion must haves for busy moms.

All you need to be fashionable in your busy schedule when your a mom of one or many are these few closet staples. Easy on budget and make you look sheek and put together on a day to day basis.

A great pair of jeans
Mom jean inspiration. Classic and sheek.

One of the most versatile pices of clothing you can own is a great pair of jeans. Dress them up with a pair of chunky heels for a night out or dress them down with a good tshirt or drapey sweater. The options become endless when you find the right fit.

If your slimmer try going for a skinny jean, if your a little heavier maybe opt for straight leg to keep the best proportions. A straight leg is also the best classic to go for for any type of build, The jean is the best wardrobe essential in summer and winter.

Check out Cotton on’s selection

Statement t-shirts
Statement tshirt inspiration. Neat and classic.

Who doesnt own a ton of tshirts. These are easily affordable and come in a variety of colors, styles and textures. Pair them jeans then add a jumper for a casual look and a blazer when you might be going out with friends or family to give you more of a smart casual look.

Check out superbalist for some amazing options.

The dress
Keep it fresh with a dress.

If you do not own atleast one ‘feel good’ dress, get out and get one today. A dress when you slip iit on makes you feel beautiful. I love a skater dress a little tight fitting at the top and looser around the waist with a flare. Dresses are the best for any occasion wether your running around on school runs or meeting your bestie for a coffee after work.

Dress it with a pair of flats during the day and a pair of ankle boots during the evening. If you can find ‘a little black dress’ to wear for those special date nights do that too!

If your budget allows check out Forever 21.

Black leggings
Black leggings with over sized shirts.

The most popular clothing item owned by woman. The black legging is a dream when your running around all day. Non constrictive and allows you to breath easy.

Pair these with an over sized tshirt, over sized jersey or a lovely tunic. You can even wear them under a dress or a skirt if you want a more conservative look. Plus point is leggings come in summer and winter fabrics making them great to wear all year around.

Edgars normally has them on special.

Flats and heels
Flats and heels inspiration.

Having a pair of good flats and heels is the most important piece of clothing you could own. For one a good pair of flats is what will save your feet with all the running around. Try and opt for a nude or black color as they are most versatile for most pieces of clothing you will own.

For flats try to go with a good pair of pumps or flat tackies as they will last you quite long and match any kind of outfit you choose.

For heels try to stick to a wedge type of shoe as these allow you the freedom to look sheek and still have comfort throughout the day.

Again invest in good shoes. Check out ALDO.

A great bag
Handbag inspiration with smart casual look.

I need you to slowly put down the faded mom bag, open the dustbin and throw it out! Invest in a good handbag as it is an item that will last you a good year or two before you have to invest in a new one. The best ones to try are the ones that allow you a bit of hand space so you can put in around your shoulder with decent space to move your arms around freely.

Check out Foschini for some inspiration.

Variety of simplistic jewellery
Minimilistic jewellery

Here is one place that wont break the bank. You dont have to spend alot on this section. Buy jewellery that will be simplistic and basic enough to match all outfits. A set of silver, gold and even rose gold will go well with all outfits. I love a good hoop earing it is definately a classic in my eyes.

Colorful bracelets or one statment bangle adds an interesting angle to your outfit.

Check out Mr Price.

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