Skincare mistakes (and how to fix them)

If we look on the internet we will come across many skin care routines across various Youtube chanels and beauty blogs. Ecspecially now the 10 step korean skincare routine has popped up, we are left trying to achieve #flawless skin as the woman we see online appear to have. This is not a blog post on the best skincare routine out there but rather a post on the most common over looked skincare mistakes your making on a daily basis. Let’s get that glowy skin!


This is one of the best items to change today! Your diet plays an important part in your body and skin appearance. If you consume more sugar and junk food this actually can cause you inflamation and make your collagen break down! OMG!

What to try:  Avoid high-sugar and greasy food. Im saying cut down on the drive thru’s and the cakes as much as possible, which shouldnt be hard because we are all on lockdown!

Eat more whole foods to nourish your skin from the inside out, and include your daily dose of vitamins through fruit and veggies and possible supplements of multi-vitamins if fresh fruit and vegetables are not available. Most important factor for good skin, hydrate! Drinking sufficient amounts of water daily is a key factor for keeping skin hydrated, young, and healthy. Below is a chart to help you see how much water you should be drinking daily.

Daily water intake chart
Leaving make-up on overnight!

Guys! Please please stop doing this! It is one of the worst skincare mistakes we make.

There was a study done in 2013, the Daily Mail conducted an experiment where one woman volunteered to not wash her makeup off for an ENTIRE MONTH (DEAD), and she continued to re-apply daily on top of the previous day’s make-up every morning.

The result: Her skin aged by 10 years. (This is serious)

Let us avod premature skin aging and acne build up. It may seem a serious task but it is worth the extra 10 minutes it will really take you, Trust me. Let us think twice and get our make-up off as best as we can. I have been trying the double cleanse method from Huda. The video is embedded below for those who want to know more. My skin has never felt so good.

What to try: Take off ALL of your makeup every single night before you go to bed. Here are my current products I use as I dont have the one Huda uses ( there are some variations in products but they are all listed in order of use of what i use currently).

Skin strategy charcoal make up wipes:

Micellar Water:

Lemcke Organic virgin coconut oil-

Edgars – Bamboo Muslins face cloth –

Just Pure essential cleansing oil-

Lo-Oreal paris pure clay detox face wash with charcoal –

Moisturiser: Shea butter raw organic –

Derma roller rose quartz –

Vaseline – for lippies –

Huda night time make-up routine
Less exfoliating

Yes exfoliating your skin too much you are in essence breaking down the skin’s barrier and your face could already be too sensitove or too over worked for this harsh treatment too much per week.

What to try: Exfoliate only 2-3 times a week at most. Your skin doesnt really need to much exfoliating I believe. If your skin feels a bit dry rather try using a smudge of coconut oil and a mask a few times a week. There are some great ones on the market currently.


Not using SPF

If you didnt know, SPF damage is the highest cause of aging skin. So get that sunscreen on and if you are exposed to alot of sun wear a hat too.

What to try: The easiest option for those out there looking for a quick fix it to buy a mosituriser with SPF already included. Nowadays you can even find make up with SPF in it even better! But be sure to re-apply sunblock if you are out exposed the whole day as one application is not enough during the day.

Cleaning brushes, sponges and phones.

Let’s be honest when’s the last time you did a serious deep clean of your makeup brushes and sponges, or wiped down your phone with some sanitizer? If you cannot remember this means you may be suffering from bad skin because these items are not cleaned.

What to try: Makeup brushes and sponges must be cleaned on a weekly basis ,ecspecially if you wear make up daily. If budget allows for it try one-time sponges, these are another great alternative (but are not the most environmentally friendly, unfortunately).

Here is a simple tutorial on how to clean your make up brushes and sponges:

How to clean your make up brushes and sponges.

Thank you for the read and if you have more information on this and would like to contribute please comment below or on our Social media page!

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