Terrible twos – My toddler

So welcome back. I feel like I needed to write on this topic because with my first two kids I never experienced this stage! So here I am opening up on the struggle i have been going through for the past few months of late since lockdown and Covid has started.

Terrible twos, what are they?

Well from what I have read on its basically a normal (I laugh when I read normal because I feel like its the craziest and most patience testing time I have had to endure in all the years with all my kids combined, normal yeah right, abnormal for me lol) developmental phase experienced by young children that comes along with tantrums, excessive whining and crying, defiant behavior, and lots of frustration. It begins anywhere from 18 months to 3 years old and, despite what the name implies, can last well into the third year of life. ( Please send help lol!)

So in the times we are living in it seems a whole lot harder to be able to deal with this better. When i’m cooped up the whole day in the house attempting to keep everyone happy and tummies fed, school work up to date and work up to date and all I really want is 5 min alone. To either cook, exercise, shower or at the least have a cup of tea. I find it harder day by day because there is no real way out of it these “terrible two’s” (agree or disagree?) because we as adults are frustrated during this pandemic so I can only imagine what my little guy is also going through, so the tantrums and frustrations are higher too for him. There is no more car rides to pick up the siblings from school, walking in the shops buying sweeties or even going out to a park for a afternoon of fresh air and new experiences.

I do although find myself very lucky to have my two big kids who have found their independence and gosh they are my little life savers at the worst of my day, they step up and can entertain their younger brother up until a certain extent till he becomes frustrated and cries and cries and whines about these small things. They even ask me, “Mummy why does he cry for nothing?”, oh darlings if only I knew. We all know when he doesn’t get what he wants we all better run for cover and cover our ears lol. I also on the other hand blessed to be able to have a wonderful lady who works for me who cares as much for my kids as for me too. She swoops in when she sees I am over whelmed, lets me sleep in for an extra hour, helps me cook when I am out working and her personality is so much like a mother that I feel like even though my mom is not around in the country she is really someone who I can rely on to look out for me, my kids and my home, and I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

So yes the trial of this age with my smally has brought me some good though, through the frustrations and irritating moments that are quite a lot currently. It has actually made me a lot more patient, and I surprise myself as I actually became more patient than I thought I could have, weird because I realized the more I got my emotions built up the more I tended to push myself away from my kids when they really needed me. When he starts up, I just got to breath and breath in deep within my soul shoo, and I just remind myself that he is trying his best also to express his feelings, or spend his energy when he doesn’t know quite what to do with it yet. We have good days and bad but yes he is my special guy, and he does drive me crazy but suppose this crazy will be the normal crazy for the rest of the year, hopefully if anything God will bless us to get to some kind of normality back soon or maybe we have this time to reflect and change what we actually thought was real life but in fact was a world we were all lost in walking with blinders but now are finally getting to see the world for its true beauty, appreciate family and friends and have better interactions with people in general.

If you have any tips or tricks that worked for you, please comment below.

Peace and love.

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