Working from home with kids.

I write this article because I really feel like being a mother and working through this pandemic has been a hard road not only for myself but others too. Trying to balance work whether you are employed, self employed, on an entrepreneurial journey, an influencer or if I am being truthful just being a stay at home mom as your career is a job in itself, is a challenging just as any job out there too.

Sometimes I feel like working from home is just impossible at times. As you are trying to have a meeting or send an email out or your trying to meet a deadline on a project. There they are raiding the pantry, or one is fighting with the other and all you are hearing is “muuum this one is doing that, muuum that one is doing this!!”.

I got interrupted about 5 times whilst writing this article, lol.

Now I am not saying this to discourage anyone currently working from home, but it is just a message to let you know that honestly, it’s not just you, or your kids — it’s just that hard. Even if you do have a helper or a big yard for them to play in. The concentration you really need to get things done is hard to channel and not everyone has the patience to look past it.

If you are a night worker you might just get away with it as the kids will be sleeping but, if your a day worker you got to know your magical tricks to get work done with all the chaos. Especially if you have more than one child and they are under the age of 6.

Mothers are the primary focus in the household so no matter when it is, in the day or night you will be called up to do that parenting duty. Sometimes whether you can spare that time or not during your work schedule. Kids more so I think rely on their mums for most things at home, dads and others can get away with more time to spend on tasks at hand.

So when you are now working from home more often with the added stress of a global pandemic, take the time to try and make things a little less stressful for yourself with these few tips:

  1. Just know that the kids will all take turns coming to ask loads of questions on random things most times or even to just to show you a picture — So make sure to have planned yourself for this and know that there is really nothing you can do sometimes. Especially if there is no one around to help you at home. Mind over matter most times in this, don’t allow yourself get pushed to the thin line. Make a thicker line with a marker, lol. (Light humour trying to be added).

2. Take breaks – take breaks and take breaks. No one can work from home for hours straight without it. We are only human so if you can still make your deadlines then take advantage of it. Spend those few minutes with the kids so they will also get a good dose of mom and be okay for a few minutes again without you.

3. Lastly just know you are doing your best and most people are going through what you are. So push on and keep doing what you know you can do at your best. I also struggle most days, but I tell myself every day is different and will continue to be different so take it day by day. Sometimes when you plan, it doesn’t works out and it’s ok.

Lots of love, Saadiyah. xoxo

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