Two is a breeze, but what about three?

They tend to say two is the perfect recipe when you are parents.

Two parents, two laps, two sets of helping hands.

I never understood the term until I had three…

Terrible twos – My toddler

Well from what I have read on its basically a normal (I laugh when I read normal because I feel like its the craziest and most patience testing time I have had to endure in all the years with all my kids combined, normal yeah right, abnormal for me lol)

A letter to my kids

To my amazing kids The time is near. Where I will have to go back into the world of work. I will get up earlier than usual, just to stand by the doors of your rooms to watch over you for those extra five minutes to help my heart settle. All I want to do … Continue reading A letter to my kids

Hello, I am mom

Hello, I am a mom.

I am the mom who sleeps but never really sleeps

This friend of mine.

When you think of friendship, who comes to mind? A friend from school days, your work place or even a new friend who you could have just met. A Friendship in this modern age is truly a gift to only a few. There are true and fake relationships in the world we live in now, … Continue reading This friend of mine.

Motherhood and faith

We are the glue that holds all the puzzle pieces together, pulling each unit closer when it loosens or tends to move away from the folds. In-between trying to raise our children to be good people and Muslims we are stuck between finding time for ourselves, housework, cooking and our faith too.

Parenting Hack.

There is no hack. Everything is hard. The kids don’t listen. This is your life now.

God speed.